What Conversational Commerce Means for Omnichannel

As retailers, you’re constantly whipping up ideas on how to take the customer shopping experience to the next level. From beacons and push notifications to social commerce and virtual reality, you want to stay ahead of your connected shoppers. Instead of staying ahead and waiting for consumers to catch up, why not just meet them where they are? It’s no surprise that the use of messaging apps has outpaced social networks over the last two years. And retailers are beginning to incorporate messaging apps into their omnichannel strategy. That’s where conversational commerce comes in.


What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce brings together messaging apps with shopping to allow consumers to interact with businesses via messaging apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or with voice technology. Shoppers can use these messaging apps to chat with business representatives, get customer support, ask questions, read reviews and ratings, receive personalized recommendations, and click to purchase all from within the app. With this growing popularity, conversational commerce will impact the way we shop, the way we communicate, and the way we market our brand.

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3 Ways to Revolutionize Shopping with Real Time Retail

iStock_000039461948_XXXLarge.jpgMobile devices have become pervasive in the customer shopping experience. Now that retailers have realized that mobile plays a key role in in-store, they are continuing to embrace in-store opportunities. By using the right tools and technologies, they’re able to monitor, track, and engage with shoppers in real time, a trend and challenge that brands embrace. Real-time retailing is revolutionizing shopping as we speak.

Transforming the Unified Experience

Real-time retail requires brands to deliver a seamless experience across all channels in real time to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers. This revolutionizing strategy is about creating a holistic, unified experience to consumers wherever and whenever by gathering, analyzing and circulating consumer, product, pricing, and inventory data across all channels. This, if done right, makes the shopping experience relevant to the consumer.

Real-time retail is transforming the same way the banking industry did by taking advantage of better network availability and security to introduce ATMs. Instead, real-time retail is leveraging advanced networks as part of the infrastructure to deliver a personalized shopping experience. By leveraging the most advanced and innovative technology, customers and associates are able to tailor the shopping experience. Continue reading

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Skava rated as a Leader in Mobile Commerce And Engagement Platforms by Forrester

Infosys — Skava, an Infosys company, has been rated as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Commerce And Engagement Platforms, Q1 2016 report. It scored among the highest points in strategy, innovation, and customer feedback criteria. We believe continuous improvement of the SkavaONE platform has propelled Skava into a leader position.


*Skava, an Infosys company


The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Engagement Solution Providers, Q1 ’16 for mobile apps



*Skava, an Infosys Company


The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Engagement Solution Providers, Q1 ’16 for mobile Web

The report highlights Skava’s strengths:

  • Deep experience developing in-store clienteling solutions for its clients as well as desktop-based micro sites, product configurators, and social tools
  • The experience management platform, Skava Studio, offers marketers the flexibility to develop new desktop touchpoint experiences (landing pages, micro sites, etc.) without the need for investing in an enterprise Web content management (WCM) platform
  • Responded to retailer demand for offering mobile everywhere experiences, and provides retailers with both customer-and associate-facing solutions for the in-store environment
  • Acquisition by Infosys in 2015 has allowed Skava to leverage that relationship by expanding its market reach, move into new verticals, and improving its consultative- type services
  • Clients have deemed Skava as a mobile agency with a platform that serves as a strategic partner rather than being a solution provider – accommodating new ideas and willingness to develop custom solutions outside the capabilities of the core platform

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Mobile and Digital Stores Dominate NRF Big Show

Skava, an Infosys company, powers the next generation of mobile, digital, and in-store experiences for leading brands across the globe. 

Mobile and store engagement dominated many conversations at NRF Big Show this year, as mobile and digital stores were the main focus. With presence at the Infosys and Samsung booth, Skava made big waves at this year’s show.

Digital Stores Dominating 2016 


Skava booth

From beacon technology to smart dressing rooms to digital signage, digital store experiences are becoming the forefront of retail. Retailers are continuously looking for more unique and entertaining ways to engage with shoppers.

Skava’s newest solutions for in-store attracted many attendees at the show. Our team demonstrated Skava’s Appointment App solution and Digital Signage at the Samsung booth.

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Macy’s helps shoppers make the most of mobile opportunities

Kicking off the shopping frenzy on Thanksgiving this year, Macy’s is encouraging customers to view macys.com/win for curated tips and information for the best way to use their mobile app as a shopping companion.

Mobile Commerce Daily — Macy’s is leading the flock of retailers seeking to educate customers about mobile-specific offerings ahead of Black Friday, asking shoppers to enable push notifications as well as location-based settings prior to walking into a store.

Many brands are heading to mobile to advertise their holiday promotion circulars ahead of Thanksgiving weekend and drum up excitement for their doorbuster deals. Macy’s is taking this strategy one step further by dedicating a portion of its site to educating consumers on how best to leverage mobile while shopping in-store or digitally, a top tactic for fans seeking to win gift codes and branded prizes within its application.

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Unboxing and ‘Haul’ YouTube Videos Are On The Rise

According to Business Insider, Google found that consumers are increasingly using YouTube to help them shop – watching video reviews and unboxing videos.

So what is an unboxing video?

It’s where users unwrap boxes of new advertised products, primarily electronics such as new iPhone models and capture themselves on video and then upload to it to the web. Unboxing videos depict shoppers unpacking and inspecting products they’ve received. And depending on the item, the video may include demonstrations of setup or how the item is used.

Most importantly, Google is positioning YouTube as a top-shopping destination, encouraging viewers to watch holiday gift videos for shopping inspiration.

Haul Videos engage shoppers across the globe

Haul videos are YouTube’s way of helping you tell your friends and family about your latest purchases.  Some shoppers will add reviews about their shopping experience mentioning pricing and discounts, product quality and features, and ease or difficulty of use.  According to ThinkWithGoogle, videos with “haul” in the title are watched more than 1.1 billion times on YouTube and they’re continuing to grow. During last year’s Black Friday weekend, haul videos had the biggest seasonal spike followed by Christmas and Back to School. Haul videos are a new way for shoppers across the globe to engage with each other and it all starts with the delivery of a favorite brand.  Rather than reading product reviews on a website or product detail pages, haul videos puts the viewer in the shopper’s shoes which brings the review up close and visual.

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[Forrester Research] How mobile will transform business in 2016

The new year approaches fast and Forrester analysts have made key predictions on how mobile can transform businesses.  The gap widens between companies that integrate mobile and those that continue to treat it as a stand-alone channel in 2016.

Forrester — With my peers Julie A. Ask, Jeffrey S. Hammond, Michael Facemire, Tyler Shields, Christian KaneJennifer Wise and many other analysts, we put together our thoughts in a new 2016 Mobile predictions report on what to expect in the mobile space next year across industries and roles.

We believe 2016 will be the most consequential year for companies on the path to customer obsession, and that includes adapting empowered customers who expect to get anything they want immediately, in context on their mobile devices.
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