DVF gives Google Glass wider appeal through fashionable design

Mobile Marketer – At first glance, Google Glass seemed too futuristic for everyday use, but a partnership between Google and U.S. fashion label Diane Von Furstenberg might give the product the stylish appeal it needs to be marketable and desirable.

Premiering on June 23, styles will include five new frames and eight new shades.

“The partnership is merging the cutting-edge wearable technology of Google and the fashion world and opening the doors for other partnerships for Google with even higher end or affordable designers to make Google Glass a fashion accessory as well as a high-end piece of technology,” said Danielle McCormick, senior director of marketing at Skava, San Francisco.

Diane Von Furstenberg was unable to comment before press deadline.

“Furst” wins the race DVF is a known supporter of the Google Glass as staff members and models wore them during the label’s spring/summer 2013 collection runway show at New York Fashion Week.

The brand was the first to provide footage from the perspective of a runway participant rather than from a camera looking onto the runway, which showed the usefulness of Google’s product. The convenience of Glass has long been established, but adding DVF-inspired physical frames lends the the product a much- needed makeover.

Upon celebrating the 40th anniversary of her renowned wrap dress, DVF used the edge of pursuing a more fashionable Google Glass as a marketing strategy. To make any anniversary significant, it is often necessary to go the extra step and start something new to maintain relevance among consumers.

Brands can learn from DVF’s collaboration with Google and can recognize that something that is normally unflattering, such as tech products, do have the possibility to be glamorous and attractive..

DVF’s version will be available to consumers on June 23 on Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter for men’s styles. {see if you can find a price to include}Prices of these styles will vary between $1,620 and $1,725.

Making wearables wearable

Without public support, wearable technology will have a hard time getting off the ground.

With some of the first entries in the wearables category failing to set the world on fire, the next round of devices should feature a stronger fashion sense.

The well-to-do, early-adopters which wearables are targeted at are not just interested in technology for technology’s sake but desires items with the elusive cool factor. A lack of style is part of the reason why some early entries, such as Google Glass, have not caught on and could explain Apple’s $3-million deal for Beats as a stepping stone toward the development of a smart headphone with cache.

The goal of wearable technology is to enhance human life, and a stylish facelift will encourage those interested to adopt the movement. Furthermore, studies have shown that wearables can lead to more healthy lifestyles.

A study by mobile engagement provider Mobiquity Inc. has found that 55 percent of today’s mobile health application users plan to introduce wearable devices to their health monitoring over the next few years.

Specifically, more than half said they will use pedometers, with 48 percent interested in wristbands and 45 percent favoring smart watches. A total of 63 percent surveyed said they will use wearable devices on a daily basis, and 73 percent of respondents attributed their good health to tracking nutrition and fitness goals on mobile.

Brands with the appeal of DVF should consider similar partnerships as wearables become more widely used.

“It is a clever move from a marketing perspective to drive brand awareness for both Diane Von Fusterberg and Google as they are trying to make Google Glass more of an object of desire,” said Ms. McCormick.”Diane Von Furstenberg is known for her innovation in fashion design so its not surprising to see her brand partner with a technology such as Google Glass to give the hardware greater visual appeal,” said Sarah Hodkinson, director of PPMN marketing & offers at PayPal, Boston.

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