Converting Print Catalogs Into Interactive Digital Experiences

While many leading retailers are still utilizing traditional print catalogs to drive sales, some are also investing their time and money in digital catalogs to captivate consumers and increase conversion.

Connected consumers want easy access to product information via their personal devices to quickly make a purchase. If retailers want to catch up with their competitors, they should convert their print catalogs intointeractive digital experiences using tools such as SkavaSTUDIO, which is a cloud based platform to help retailers easily build and manage digital shopping experiences.

Digital catalogs provide a shopping experience that goes beyond what a traditional ecommerce site provides. By taking advantage of rich imagery and merchandising techniques from print catalogs, consumers are provided with unique and more engaging shopping experiences.

Before retail reached its digital age, the print catalog journey was always simple, yet enticing. For example, a retailer delivers a print catalog to a consumer’s home. The consumer flips through the catalog, sees a product they like, and takes a trip to the retail store. Today, print catalogs entice consumers to take out their device, search the item on the retailer’s website, and either purchase online or go to the store.

Digital catalogs can be part of an omni-channel strategy to provide seamless shopping experiences. In fact, retailers can showcase digital catalogs in a physical store to push transactions forward and even on the spot. For example, in-store technology such as a retail kiosk is an effective way to keep consumers entertained and informed about the various products showcased. Interactive catalogs on associate tablet apps empower sales associates to help consumers either add items to the bag via associate app, show consumers various features of the catalog to help find what they’re looking for, and encourage product recommendations.

Although digital catalogs should resemble its print version, it can do so much more. Ideally, digital catalogs are built for tablets and desktops. With the increase of mobile adoption, including phablets, digital catalogs can be suitable for mobile web and app for on the go shoppers.

With SkavaSTUDIO, retailers can design and build interactive catalogs optimized for any channel including mobile. Retailers can integrate their ecommerce data, leverage existing assets, and continually keep the catalog updated and fresh with new content.

Want to learn more about digital catalogs and other digital commerce experiences? Chat with us today to learn more and how we can improve your conversion with SkavaSTUDIO!

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