What Makes a Good Flash Sale?

Skava Flash SaleThe flash sale is the latest trend in online shopping! Retail sites like Gilt, HauteLook, and Rue La La have paved the way to  transactions in a limited amount of time. While consumers frantically shop for gifts during the holiday shopping season, a flash sale is a powerful capability to have on your ecommerce site.

Plan your flash sale strategy
Before you build a flash sale experience, set clear sales objectives. Are you selling to raise brand awareness,  expand to new markets or simply boost sales to meet monthly goals?  Keep the purpose of your sale in mind when determining the type of flash sale, timing, and duration.

Determine the date(s) of the sale
If you’re trying to move seasonal products or even promote new items, the holiday season is the right time to hold your flash sale. While your competitors are announcing holiday sales, sending email blasts, and promoting on social media, your limited time sale will have a powerful effect on your site traffic, resulting in higher conversion. According to Windsor Circle, consumers tend to make online purchases on weekdays.

Establish the length of the sale
Keep your goals in mind, whether you’re trying to sell seasonal items for half price or maintain brand loyalty, the duration of your sale depends on the end goal.  Your flash sale doesn’t need to be for only one day; it can last up to a week or a few hours. Give your consumers enough time to browse and search, but not long enough to abandon their cart or procrastinate in making a purchase. If you want to hold multiple flash sales over a period of time, hold the sale every day at the same time so your consumers remember.

Promote your sale
As part of your strategy, create a presale and post sale-landing page to promote and prepare your customers for the sale. Get the word out about your sale using social channels as a way to engage with new and existing consumers. The sales message should be short, clear, and concise that will excite consumers with a call to action.

Time to set up your sale
While you’re selling discounted offers and promotions, add another deal. Adjust your shipping options to reflect discounted items or offer free shipping as part of your sale. Send our exclusive discount codes to your most loyal consumers to drive more traffic to your site. Make sure to set the quantity of items available in real time so your consumers always know if an item is nearly out of stock, encouraging them to make a purchase. If you have multiple flash sales, make sure to schedule each sale at the appropriate date and time.

What is your flash sale strategy?

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