How Clienteling Combats Showrooming

Speech bubbles for Right and WrongThe in-store experience is one of the most important channels to conquer. Studies have shown that retailers believe showrooming is a threat to their brick and mortar stores, but really it can be an advantage to merge digital devices in the store.

Showrooming is the act of browsing in-store and purchasing online and showroomers like to touch, feel or try on products before buying.

So how do retailers turn this perceived threat into an advantage? By embracing the notion of clienteling as a way to deliver personalized customer service.

Clienteling is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Sales associates clientele to loyal customers to provide a more personal, relevant, and informed customer experience. Clienteling is about building the perfect experience for your customers.

The retail POS infrastructure is a key asset. In order for store associates to engage with shoppers on an individual level an associate app is required.  Store associates will need access to customer profiles, purchase history, behavior data, and analytics in order to provide a more personalized shopping experience. By using customer data, you’re stepping foot into a whole new world of individualized experiences. Every time your customer interacts with your brand, that data should be stored in your database.

Clienteling allows your store associates to be valuable resources for your customers. Although your customers will shop however they’d like, store associates can guide their in-store shopping journey. Clienteling enables effective one-to-one selling techniques to deliver a convenient, entertaining, and value-focused retail experience.

Clienteling combats showrooming, enhances the in-store shopping experience, and embraces personalization. While retailers are doing what they can to further engage with their customers, shoppers just want a personal customer experience.

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