Retailers Invest in Mobile Personalization

Personalization is a hot topic and every retail marketer knows its potential.  Mobile continues to outpace desktop and is a powerful way to enhance the brick and mortar experience. Every brand wants to differentiate from competitors with tailored content to deliver relevant experiences to their customers mobile devices.

Mobile apps offer retailers the ability to really connect with their customers and learn from them.  As a merchandising marketer, you send messages and notifications to remind shoppers of sales, new product lines, or welcome them to the store. However, too many notifications and irrelevant messages will annoy or irritate your customer and they may quickly delete your app. Research shows  consumers download apps in exchange for exclusive offers. According to Oracle, 50% of people say the number 1 reason they download apps are to receive special discounts and offers.

Personalized mobile apps give a richer experience to your customers. Aside from delivering exclusive offers, mobile apps can influence purchase and shopping behavior in and out of the store. Mobile apps drive traffic in-store using geo-targeted push notifications. For example, if a customer is physically near your store push notification of an offer they can instantly redeem in store as an incentive to enter and make a purchase.

In addition, mobile personalization allows retailers to easily track customer behavior and collect valuable data. And once you collect the right data, provide them with relevant content in return. In-app behavioral data gathers information on how the user interacts with the app from screen to screen, opening and responding to push notifications and messages, and time spent on a specific screen.

According to a global survey by Econsultancy, only 36% of retailers are now personalizing the mobile experience while 69% are personalizing their website. Mobile is potentially a huge revenue generator and clearly marketers must work to personalize the customer’s shopping experience at every touch point. 

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