Mcommerce is Big for Fashion and Luxury Retailers

Global and US brands are leveraging small screens to drive more customers to mcommerce sites to shop.  And it worked! The numbers are continuing to grow as mobile outpaces desktop. This report outlines the percentage of mcommerce transaction share among digital fashion and luxury retailers.

eMarketer — In the UK, Japan and the US, mcommerce makes up an increasing share of digital transactions.

According to Criteo, nearly half of all digital transactions among fashion and luxury retailers in the UK occurred on mobile between Q3 2014 and Q2 2015. That was the highest share of any country, based on data from Criteo’s platform. Japan came in second, at 46% of digital fashion and luxury retail transactions, followed by the Netherlands (40%) and the US (37%).

Mcommerce Transaction Share Among Digital Fashion and Luxury Retailers in Select Countries, Q3 2014-Q2 2015 (% of total ecommerce transactions)

In the UK and US, the lion’s share of those transactions occurred specifically on iOS (76% and 75%, respectively). In Japan, 58% of luxury and fashion retailer mcommerce transactions happened on Apple devices.

In Japan, mcommerce was becoming more popular for such retailers. In Q1 2015, just under half of transactions happened on mobile. By the next quarter, the share was up to 57.8%. The same pattern held true in the UK, though the change in share was less dramatic, at just 1.9 percentage points. And in the US, mcommerce was also increasing in prominence in the category, from 32.9% in Q1 to 36.9% in Q2.

Affluents, a major target of such retailers, may be more likely to use mobile for retail purposes in general. Experian Marketing Services found in March 2015 that consumers in the US who made at least $200,000 per year were about 50% more likely to use a mobile phone while shopping in-store, to search for local deals. The same survey also found that affluents were more accepting of—and potentially responsive to—mobile ads.

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